In alignment with our mission to be fully transparent, we have decided to no longer offer Schema, our plant medicine experiences.

For the Candor founders, plant medicine has played an integral role in shaping our world view. There is much value in these experiences and we have decided that we have nothing novel or new to add on this topic.

We would like to redirect you to find trustworthy, safe, and reliable experiences through some of our partners and friends below.

Candor Trusted Partners

Sacred Journey

The couple organizing Sacred Journey has numerous plant medicine retreats in South, Central America, and California. Click here to learn more.


This center is located in Costa Rica and has medical staff on-site to create a safe environment to do plant medicine work. Click here to learn more.


The Synthesis retreat is organized in the Netherlands with psilocybin truffles in a safe, legal, and modern environment. Click here to learn more.