Candor’s mission is to reconnect us with food, starting with a new standard of radical transparency.

We all want to feel connected to our food. A home cooked meal, the farmer’s market, a backyard garden — the joy in these derives from that feeling of deeper connection with the people and planet that graciously provide for us.

Unfortunately our food industry thrives on disconnection. They distract us with lower prices, new flavors and packaged stories to keep us disconnected from all the hidden compromises — added sugar, artificial ingredients, oceans full of plastic, windowless warehouses of chickens suffocating on top of each other, dirt poor cacao farmers who have never had a chocolate bar.

As we become aware of these issues, new labels are invented to raise the bar ever so slightly and continue the sleight of hand. “Organic, cage free” chickens certainly sound better, but they’re still suffocating on top of each other. Like a smiling con artist, food companies are playing a perpetual marketing game of hide and go seek with us. Some brands aspire to be more virtuous, but as they attempt to survive in the marketplace, they too feel compelled to play the marketing game, highlighting selling points while making hidden compromises, big or small. This is not the connection we crave.

We founded Candor to turn this hide-and-go-seek conversation on its head. Rather than making the consumer catch us (if you can), we are completely upfront about all flaws in our foods. Any impurity, any negative impact on the environment, any lack of due diligence on our part, anything less than the gold standard across-the-board will be highlighted for your consideration. We believe the foundation for reconnecting with food is full transparency into the entire process, from farm to landfill.

Since we, the food maker, have nothing to hide from you, the food consumer, we can truly be on the same team together. If you’ve felt overwhelmed, frustrated or cynical about the way food is produced in our era, then we invite you to join us at the table. We need you. We’re starting with a single food product, the coconut matcha latte, and will add more along the way. We will also offer a membership model soon.

Let’s turn the lights on our food system and address all the issues, together. As our membership grows, we’ll have more capacity to address the many disheartening flaws in food production, like thinking outside the box when it comes to food packaging. We will honor you, farmers, animals and our planet to the utmost of our ability. In turn, we ask you to make a clear choice to stand with us, and define the future of food together.