An exclusive conscious hunting retreat to reharmonize with nature, harvest meat at the source, and honor the cycle of life and death.

"I don't think I ever appreciated meat until I went hunting... there is just a profound love for that animal. And that's something that non-hunters never understand...”

Aubrey Marcus, CEO Onnit*

“It’s the most misunderstood and misrepresented discipline...when we think of food, we think of restaurants and we think of supermarkets. We don’t think of wild animals.”

Joe Rogan, Comedian and Podcast Host*



Intentions & Preparation

Hunting for your food can be challenging and requires mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical preparation. In the months prior to the hunt, attendees must commit to rifle practice, and are encouraged to journal and reflect on taking another life.


The Hunt

Nothing is assured with intelligent, witty, animals with a will to survive. The hunt will challenge your patience, stealth, and precision. The hunt will include ceremonial activities in the traditions of indigenous people from the Americas and elsewhere to connect with this process.



With a successful kill you can go back to your family and your community with sustenance. The experience will forever transform your relationship to food. This may kickstart your personal journey sourcing food more consciously for yourself, family, and friends.

We Are Disconnected From Our Food.

We Are Disconnected From Our Impact. 

Hunting Helps Connect Us To Both.

Within many tribes, a boy did not become a man until he knew how to hunt. To be able to hunt for food implied a man could provide for a family emboldening him with confidence, courage, and responsibility.

The masculine has drifted away from hunting and instead opts for computer screens, office buildings, and steel skyscrapers. Grocery shopping and restaurants are on our whim at the snap of a finger.

But we lose something in the process.

The Apex Hunting retreats are organized to reconnect men and women with their masculine side through an immersive experience engaging wild animals, plants, and the ruggedness of our natural world.

Candor has created Apex to stand as an alternative to the traditional hunting world whereby spiritual and ceremonial elements create a more conscious oriented experience in the traditions of our ancestors.

By utilizing this approach, it provides an opportunity to drastically alter our relationship and perspective around the food that we eat. We can more readily have gratitude for animals and plants that provide us sustenance going forward in our lives.

To walk away from an Apex Hunting retreat with a transformational perspective on food, a spiritual experience of taking a life, and sustenance for yourself and community is one of the most rewarding events we can facilitate.

Each of the Apex Hunting retreats requires an application process and a select group of 6 - 10 people are chosen for each event.

Choose Your Adventure

  • Beginner L1
  • Beginner L2
  • Intermed L1

The Intermediate Level 1 retreats are intended for hunters that have at least one experience killing an animal (whether through OYASIN or elsewhere). This will primarily include hunting in challenging terrain, creating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulty in order to promote personal growth and learn more intermediate hunting techniques. This event is scheduled for Fall 2020. Cost: $4000-6000

Discover how APEX helped these people reclaim their wildness.

What Participants Are Saying

Johnny Ronca

Real Estate Agent

Tim Koelkebeck

Investor & Hemp Grower


Mansal Denton is the founder of APEX bringing sacredness and indigenous wisdom to hunting experiences. He is the subject of the upcoming documentary BELOW THE DROP exploring our relationship to life and death through hunting.


Apex is great for you if:

  • You enjoy hiking, camping, and being outdoors
  • You have a desire to reconnect with hunting practices from our ancestors
  • You want to take part in the process of harvesting your own food
  • You feel like reconnecting to your masculine side
  • You are committed to preparing physically and mentally before the hunt
  • You have reverence for the animals that you hunt

Apex is NOT for you if:

  • You are not comfortable with live weapons
  • You just want to “shoot stuff
  • You cannot commit to rifle practice before hunting

Full Disclosure: While Apex Hunting retreats are set up to ensure successful hunting experiences, we cannot guarantee each attendee will kill an animal. We do provide discounts for failed attempts.


How much do we need to practice before the hunt?

Do I need to have gear before the hunt?

Do I need to have a hunting license or training?

Does this cost include full amenities?

Will we process the meat?

Will there be spiritual practices?

Did Aubrey Marcus or Joe Rogan attend your hunts?



Fill out an application

APEX is an exclusive retreat, which means we hand select individuals for each event. Please truthfully fill out an application and include a small deposit.


Solidify your position

After each application is reviewed a decision will be made. If you have been accepted for the APEX hunt, then you will solidify your position. Once your position has been solidified, it’s time to start practicing.


Attend the hunt

The time has come. Your practice and commitment will be put to the test. It may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.